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7 Things You Need To Do If A Piece Of Your Jewelry Breaks

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Jewelry isn’t indestructible. It’s possible to be damaged, especially if you wear it every day. Your favorite earrings, for example, may not be an heirloom from Grandma, but you don’t want to let them go because one of the wires has bent or the clasp has broken. Your chain might become tangled, kinked, or even twist around your neck and become quite uncomfortable. However, if the worst does happen and a piece of your jewelry breaks, at least there are some things you can do while it’s still in one piece.

What You Can Do With a Broken Jewelry Piece

If you have a favorite piece of jewelry that means the world to you, it can be highly upsetting if something goes wrong with it. Here are seven things you need to do as soon as your jewelry breaks.

1. Take it To a Jeweler

When something goes wrong with one of your jewelry pieces, the first thing you should do is take it to a professional jeweler. They will assess the damage and see what can be done to fix it. A jeweler is capable of repairing a piece of jewelry. Whether it’s a small stone that has fallen out, a wire bent, or a tangled up chain that twists around your neck. If you want the jewelry back in tip-top condition, jewelry repair in Woodbridge, VA, will do the job for you. They’ll also likely refer to insurance policies and discuss costs with you before any work is carried out since repairs can get quite pricey.

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6. Get A Diagram And Make An Adjustment

If all else fails, you could consider getting a diagram and making a slight adjustment yourself by adding a jump ring or an extender. You should never forget to be as careful as you can when doing this because it will be challenging to carry out if the piece of jewelry is badly damaged. Jump rings are great for adding to necklaces, while an extender is perfect for bracelets. You can find both of these items at craft stores or online retailers that sell jewelry-making supplies.

7. Give It Up As a Lost Cause

If nothing seems to work and no one can offer a solution, your best option would probably be to give up on it and move on to something else. Find a piece of jewelry that has sentimental value but isn’t irreplaceable, or use wire cutters or sharp scissors to remove any excess links from your broken chain, so you can wear it without causing too much damage to the rest of your pieces. That way, you’ll at least get some use out of it and still enjoy wearing your jewelry.

This is a list of 7 things you need to do when your jewelry breaks. If you fix it yourself, be sure to use the right tools and make sure that the piece of jewelry is in good enough condition not to cause any more damage before giving it back or taking it to a jeweler. If your jewels are exceptionally sentimental, then they’re probably worth investing in, so think carefully about what route you’re going to take. It will all depend on how much time and money you have available and how badly damaged the item is.

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