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OmboriGrid and H&M: Changing the Future of Retail

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Together, OmboriGrid and H&M are strategically focused on changing the future of the fashion and retail industries. The two companies recently collaborated to introduce Shop the Look, a new Ombori app that allows customers to browse product information on digital signage, controlling the display via their smartphone.

Andreas Hassellof, CEO and founder of Ombori, recently visited Berlin to tour the H&M Beyond space, a unique space designed for the H&M team to test innovative products in the retail sector. During the tour, Oliver Lange, head of H&M Beyond, showed Andreas Hassellof what H&M was currently experimenting with, including the Ombori Shop the Look product.

Ombori and H&M: Shop the Look

Just days prior to Andreas Hassellof’s visit, H&M installed Ombori Shop the Look in their space. Shop the Look is an innovative app that offers customers an omnichannel approach to shopping. It allows visitors to shop the H&M collection on their smartphone while visiting the physical store.

Customers are prompted to scan a QR code that appears on a digital display in the space. Once scanned, Shop the Look is opened on their smartphones, and the user is prompted to make a selection – in the H&M Beyond space, users can select “men’s” or “women’s.” Once they make their selection, they are able to view photos displaying the H&M collection. The content shown on their smartphone is also displayed on the large screen in front of them. The solutions offer an interactive approach to browsing online.

This isn’t the first time H&M and Ombori have collaborated. It is actually the third project they’ve taken on together. Previously, the two companies have launched H&M Magic Mirror and H&M Garment Collecting Program.

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(Always) Promoting Sustainability

In addition to technology, today’s shoppers prefer retailers who share their personal values, including a commitment to protecting the environment. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to waste and pollution. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 26 billion pounds of textiles end up in landfills each year. In the face of such statistics, many consumers are rethinking the consequences of their shopping habits and making necessary changes.

The good news is retailers and tech companies are working together to address these concerns by offering customers a more environmentally conscious shopping experience. As previously mentioned, H&M has worked with Ombori to introduce Garment Collecting Bins in its stores, allowing customers to donate used clothing. In addition, H&M has taken the lead in the clothing rental market by introducing its Rental Selection initiative, which enables customers to rent garments that might otherwise get discarded.

Together, Ombori and H&M are shaping the future of retail through the innovative use of technology. They are addressing new customer demands with solutions such as the Shop the Look Screen, Selfie Mirror, and Garment Collecting Bins. The result has been both increased customer satisfaction and higher profits. The fashion and retail industries are ever-evolving and even more so as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and customer demands shift. Whatever the future holds, the collaboration between tech companies and retailers will remain key to catering to the consumers’ needs and producing the ultimate customer experience.

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