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How to get free, discounted medical alert systems

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Medical alert systems can be life-saving devices. With the push of a button, you can get help during a medical emergency, such as by having a dispatcher send an ambulance or notify loved ones. Some systems even have automated features, like fall detection, so that you can get help even when you can’t physically call for it.

While these systems can be very important, they’re not always cheap. The costs can vary based on the provider, the types of devices you use, whether you use cellular vs. landline service, etc.

For companies that provide 24/7 monitored services, costs range anywhere from roughly $20-70 per month. That can add up over time and make things challenging for seniors with limited budgets.

Fortunately, there are several ways to get free medical alert systems or at least get discounts on them.

If you’re in the market for a medical alert system – or want to purchase one for a relative or friend – you can start by getting a free quote today. 

How to get free medical alert systems

Many people are eligible for free medical alert systems via government benefit programs like Medicaid or through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). 

If you just try to purchase a medical alert system directly from a provider’s website, you might not be able to use your benefits. So, you might first try to contact your local Medicaid office, VA office, or the equivalent for other types of government benefits that you might be eligible for. You can also check with private insurance providers to see what’s covered.

With Medicaid, eligibility can vary by state, so you likely want to contact your local Medicaid office. In California, for example, the Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP) Waiver enables residents to receive home care, like personal emergency response systems (PERS), i.e., medical alert systems.

“A team of health and social service professionals provides each MSSP participant with a complete health and psychosocial assessment to determine needed services. The team then works with the MSSP participant, their physician, family, and others to develop an individualized care plan,” explains the California Department of Aging.

Through the VA, you can qualify for free medical alert devices via either MedEquip Alert or Latitude, and local VA locations can help place your order.

Private insurers, such as those providing Medicare Advantage coverage, can also make sure you’re eligible for free or discounted medical alert systems in some cases. Your insurer might contract with a specific medical alert provider that you can order through, so you may want to check with your insurer first to see what you can qualify for.

Consider speaking with a medical alert systems provider today to get a quote.

How to get discounted medical alert systems

If you don’t qualify for a free medical alert system through a government program or through a private insurer, you can still obtain discounts in other ways.

For example, paying an annual subscription fee can make medical alert systems less expensive compared with monthly costs. The provider might offer the equivalent of one month free by paying for the year upfront, for example. Some providers might offer seasonal discounts too.

Another possibility is to explore memberships you currently have such as with other businesses or industry groups to see if you can obtain better pricing through them. Or, you could ask medical alert system providers directly if they have any partnerships that would then make you eligible for a discount.

If you need help affording a medical alert system, you could also ask local nonprofits, such as those that provide services for seniors, to see if they can help subsidize the cost or provide a free medical alert system.

Also check if adding a medical alert system could make you eligible for other discounts, like for your home insurance. Especially if you add smart home devices and monitoring for emergencies like fires, you could be eligible for insurance discounts.

Ultimately, there are many ways to make medical alert systems less expensive or even free. From using your savvy shopping skills to checking with your insurance provider, to seeing if any government benefit programs cover the cost of medical alert systems, you can save money while staying safe. 

Speak with a medical alert systems expert now for more information or utilize the table below to shop for a provider that works best for your needs.

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