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Britney Spears’s Spitfire Spirit, Defined by an Astrologer

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When you’re a ’90s child (or a lover of all issues Y2K), you are possible conscious of the astronomical affect Britney Spears has had on popular culture. Between dropping iconic hits like “…Child One Extra Time,” setting the tone for at the moment’s Y2K vogue traits, and starring in Shonda Rhimes’s pivotal film “Crossroads,” the Grammy Award-winning singer has confirmed to be a multifaceted expertise who by no means goes out of fashion. After the decision in her extremely publicized court docket case, which was finalized in November 2021, followers and supporters proceed to voice their help for the Free Britney motion, and the excitement surrounding the “Piece of Me” singer has but to settle as she begins the following section of her life following her conservatorship battle. Whereas her subsequent strikes are nonetheless pending, it is clear there is no scarcity of help for the singer’s freedom and well-being.

The pop-star way of life makes Spears no stranger to the general public eye, so that you may suppose you recognize all the pieces there’s to know concerning the “Poisonous” singer, however astrology suggests there’s extra to the feisty Sagittarius than meets the attention. POPSUGAR chatted with TikTok astrologer Astrodim to disclose the layers of Spears’s delivery chart and study extra about this iconic girl.

The Huge 3

In astrology, your large three embody your internal planets — your solar, moon, and ascendant. Consider these planets because the baseline of who you’re, the way you painting your self, and the way others see you. Since Spears’s delivery time is publicly out there, we’ve entry to her full delivery chart, which permits us to get the complete scope of her astrology.

Sagittarius Solar

Your solar placement is usually what folks consider after they consider their astrological signal. It represents your core id, together with your mannerisms and quirks, and the methods by which others see you. Spears is a Sagittarius solar, which means she’s bold and adventurous, and he or she wants area to be her personal individual.

“Folks born beneath Sag power crave freedom and specific themselves primarily based off of the passions they’ve from inside,” Astrodim tells POPSUGAR. “Because of this astrology fanatics had been heartbroken to listen to of her previous conservatorship that was blocking her from that very freedom.” What’s extra, Sagittarians are sometimes optimistic individuals who are inclined to get their method, which might clarify why the “Fortunate” singer has discovered such large stardom.

Aquarius Moon

Your internal self, together with your emotional responses and instinct, is represented by your moon signal. This layer is extra private, so it may not be so apparent to followers or individuals who do not know Spears on an intimate stage. Spears’s moon signal is rebellious, forward-thinking Aquarius, who are typically somewhat indifferent from their feelings and really targeted on the welfare of society.

“Folks with Aquarius moons discover it necessary to maintain the household unit sturdy however might really feel they should have a indifferent method to their feelings so as to take action,” Astrodim explains. “As most air-sign moons, Aquarius moons typically really feel they’ve to use logic to their feelings so it may possibly make sense to them.” In Spears’s case, her traditional “Dump Him” T-shirt embodies the icy angle of an Aquarius moon.

Libra Rising

In your delivery chart, your ascendant signal, also referred to as your rising signal, is your portrayal of your self in social conditions. Assume your go-to outfit or the way you act while you’re internet hosting a celebration. Britney’s rising signal is within the socialite air signal, Libra, which guidelines all issues lavish, romantic, and bubbly. Along with her signature pink and flirty ensembles, Britney’s aesthetic has constantly given whole Libra vibes all through her reign within the music trade.

“Libra’s planetary chart ruler is Venus, the planet of affection, romance, arts, and cash. Her love of music and dance is certainly proven on this a part of her chart, in addition to her allure,” Astrodim says. “Libra risings at all times respect one-on-one relationships, and so they typically find out about themselves by these relationships. Stability and concord is required in these of us’ lives to ensure that them to succeed and thrive.”

Private Planets

Along with your large three, your delivery chart additionally consists of your private planets: Mercury, Mars, and Venus. These indicators rule over areas like your relationship habits, your stage of ambition, and even your mindset, so figuring out how they work in accordance along with your different placements helps you acquire extra perception into how the heavenly our bodies are at play.

Sagittarius Mercury

Mercury is the planet that guidelines communication and mindset. This planet is most recognizable in how we specific ourselves by writing and speech, but it surely additionally dictates your mentality. Like her solar signal, Spears’s Mercury is within the freedom-loving Sagittarius, so she’s direct and trustworthy in terms of how she expresses herself by lyrics and interviews. Over the many years that she’s been within the public eye, Spears has at all times been daring in calling it how she sees it.

“In relation to communication, Britney generally is a spitfire, and we’re seeing it with reference to her current posts responding to her household,” Astrodim says. “Folks with Sagittarius Mercuries are the seekers of fact with Jupiter ruling philosophies, beliefs, and cultures, so they can’t assist however to be audio system of fact as effectively.”

Virgo Mars

Mars is the planet that handles issues like impulses, ambition, and even aggression. This placement exhibits up sometimes in competitors, at work, and after we’re reaching for our targets. Spears’s Mars signal is within the meticulous and deeply organized signal of Virgo. These indicators are recognized for being put collectively and at all times prepared for all times’s unpredictability.

“They try to do all the pieces with effectivity and can attempt to strive once more till the mission is full,” Astrodim says. “Folks with this placement should not afraid of follow in any respect. This may clarify how Britney tirelessly practiced her performances when she was touring.” And although these indicators are typically well-rehearsed and meticulously studied, Astrodim says, “Folks with Virgo in Mars are extra open-minded than folks give them credit score for.”

Capricorn Venus

Venus is the ruler of all issues magnificence, artwork, love, and cash. This beneficent planet exhibits up in relationships, in friendships, and all over the place love and compassion are poured into. Spears’s Venus signal is within the practical-minded and disciplined signal of Capricorn, so she takes issues of cash and issues of the center equally severely.

“Britney’s Venus signal implies she likes to have management but additionally respects authority,” Astrodim says. “Folks with this placement additionally discover it crucial to have authority over their cash and possessions. Being courageous and preventing for the proper to have management over her life and property is a illustration of her Venus in Capricorn.”

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